Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The herbal smoke blend differs from the usual concept of smoking. It should not be confused with marijuana, hemp or different forms of tobacco that nicotine addicts swear by. The blend is unique since each herb contains a distinct flavor and the mixture can turn the end product heady for the veteran as well as the new generation smoker. The legal bud sold from the head shop smoke source online is 100 percent natural and free from chemicals, additives, synthetics and JWH.

The range of available smoke blends can be intriguing as they spring new surprises in herbal smoke. The herbs are breaking new grounds in alternative smoking as midnight tokers and long term nicotine addicts continue to warm up to the stuff. The feel and aroma of herbal incense is unique as every herb has its own signature taste. When the leaves are burnt, they create different experiences for the smoker. The new smoke blends are also finding favor among new generation smokers as well.

Going on a legal high with herbal potpourri smoke is ratcheting up in popularity coast to coast. The art of herbal smokes is nothing new as shamans and medicine men used them during old times. The helped in clairvoyance, spiritual feelings and a lot of mind blowing stuff which people want to experience now. Present day smokers are also treating the smoke shop herbs as a marijuana alternative.

It is perfectly legal to smoke the herbs and none of the smokers have failed a single drug test in the US. The legal smoke blend comes with different names like heat legal, fusion, lightning, utopia, ultra chronic, magma, hard core, red root and much more. They differ in aroma and taste as well as strength. Fusion smoke is spice smoke and they ensure a much smoother effect. The smell and the burning of the leaves can be heady and intoxicating.

They are free of any synthetics, chemicals, additives and any other harmful stuff. . They are 100 percent natural and can be extremely strong with a mind blowing herbal flavor like no other. Made from the rarest of rare herbs found on this planet, spice gold can transport smokers into a different realm of consciousness. The origin of the spice herbs hark back to ancient times when they led to a serene and mystic experience.